The main goal of this web-service is to provide climate and other environmental data that can be embedded into observation records. The service has been designed with a specific use-case in mind: the client provides a geometry and the service returns the data related to that geometry. This data should then be included in the record related to the provided geometry so that observations can be selected according to environmental variables.

A typical usage would be to embed climate data in collecting site records, so that sites can be selected according to precipitation or temperature values.

The service provides current climatic conditions from the WORLDCLIM site and the GEnS indicators in a 30-seconds grid. The idea is to add other layers, such as soil and other indicators, to provide in time a wider choice of data.

The service is invoked as a typical HTTP call where all parameters are provided in a GET method call and returns all its responses as a JSON string.

The full source code is available at GIT in case you want to implement or extend its functionality.

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